one hundred seventy

there will be nights when i play the music too loud

attempting to create a barrier with sound and pop lyrics.

i will dance around in place, eyes closed, trying to

pretend i’m in the middle of a sweaty bar

dancing with no one in particular.

i will sigh when i realize i am still on the couch,

in my sweats and very much at home.

i will turn the music up in response,

and you, you may watch this happen

from a spot across the room

wondering when you can intervene, and i will

feel your eyes and start to sing, filling the space

with my voice so you can’t speak.

we will do this until sleep arrives begrudgingly

until the music can no longer keep us awake

until my dancing mind finds stillness.

you will be grateful for the silence

and i will be grateful for your touch.


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